Staff Inspection Unit

The Staff Inspection Unit (SIU) was set up in the year 1964 with the objectives of securing econimy in the staffing of Government organizations consistent with administrative efficiency and evolving performance standards and work norms. The Scientific and Technical Organizations are not within the purview of the SIU but the Committee consituted by the Head of the respective Department, with a representative from SIU as a Core Member, conducts study of such organizations.

In the changed scenario and keeping in view the Government emphasis on better governance and improved delivery of services, the role of SIU has been re-defined. The SIU has been positioned to act as catalyst in assisting the line Ministries and Autonomous Organizations in improving their organizational effectiveness. As per the expanded mandate, in addition to its existing role, SIU would now also undertake organisational analysis primarily to cover the areas of organizational systems, financial management systems, delivery systems, client-customer statifaction, employees concerns etc. and suggest appropirate organizational structure, re-engineering of processes, measures to ensure optimum utilization of resources and overcome the delays besides exploring the possibilities of outsourcing some of the activites with a view to achieve enhancec output/effectiveness with only the minimum essential expenditure.

During the year 2009, SIU has issued 14 final reports covering the sanctioned strength of 3795 posts. As against the sanctioned strength of 3795 posts in different organizations covered by these studies, SIU has found justification for abolition of 427 posts and creation of 373 posts resulting thereby in a total number of 54 posts as surplus. The additional expenditure on creation of new posts would result in an economy of Rs.1.01 crores per annum (as per pre-revised scales of pay). In addition to final reports, provisional reports on five staffing studies with a total coverage of 2461 posts were also issued during the year.

Further, on a request received from the Rajya Sabha Secretariat, a staffing study of the Rajya Sabha Secretariat was also undertaken by the SIU during the year under report. The study was conducted in a time bounded manner during the period from April to August, 2009. The study covered 1417 sanctioned posts and the study report containing the provisional manpower assessment has been sent to the Rajya Sabha Secretariat in October, 2009.

The SIU has also been associated as Core Member with two Committees constituted for assessing the manpower requirement of Scientific and Technical Organizations namely(i) Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy (CCRH), Ministry of Health & Family Welfare and (ii) Department of Information and Technology.

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