Plan Finance-II Division

Plan Finance-II Division is primarily concerned with matters relating to the Central Plan. In respect of development schemes and projects, the focus has been on improving the equility of development expenditure through better project formulation, emphasis on outputs, deliverables, impact assessment, projectisation (Mission approach) and convergence.

During the period from 1st April, 2015 to 31st March, 2016, 51 meetings of the Expenditure Finance Committee (EFC) held in the Ministry of Finance considered 53 Plan Investment Proposals and Schemes of various Ministries / Departments costing Rs. 528,063.1660 crore and 50 projects with capital outlay of Rs. 313211.1100 were recommended by the EFC. The division also works as Secretariat of the Public Investment Board (PIB), which is entrusted with appraising plan schemes of Public Sector Undertakings. This year, 15 meetings of Public Investment Board were held and 14 projects with a capital outlay of Rs 54517.57 crore were recommended for approval of competent authority. The Ministry / Department wise list of projects considered by PIB is as below:-

Projects for Approval
S.No. Ministry/Department No.of projects recommended for approval Cost (Rs. crore)
1 Road Transport  & Highways 2 3647.24
2 Railways 1 500
3 External Affairs 2 13396.2103
4 Power 3 1738.32
5 Urban Development 2 10698
6 Shipping 1 970
7 Posts 1 800
8 Fertilizer 1 5530
9 Coal 1 17237.8
Total 14 54517.57

Plan Finance-II Division also deals with financial restructing of Central PSUs on the recommendations of Bureau for Restructing of Public Sector Enterprises (BRPSE). It is also actively involved in working out modalities for financial assistance to CPSEs, quantification of IEBR generation for preparation of budget, finalizing modernization of plants and equipments to ensure more efficiency in production.
At micro level, the Plan Finance-II Division deals with issues related to Food, Fertilizers and Petroleum subsidies, including their quantification and extension of assistance to the stake holders. At Macro level, the division is actively involved, along with the concerned Department/Ministry in shaping subsidy policy of the Government so as to ensure greater efficiency, cost effectiveness and better delivery.

List of Contact Numbers of Plan Finance-II Division Officers (155 KB) PDF File Opens in a new window(Dated 28th June, 2016)